Entertainment & Media Development

At TAGSTONE Media we connect independent content to commerce, developing commercially viable ideas by cultivating mutually beneficial relationships in Digital, Film & TV properties. We identify, vet and monetize consumer aware / proof-of-market properties with revenue sharing opportunities, producing a continuous flow of projects with predictable confidence.


As entertainment and media consumption rapidly evolves, attracting an ever more globalized and diverse audience, content-demand motivates multiple participants with varying perspectives:

Consumer Marketers across various industry categories who are interested in a combination of strategic media opportunities to reach customers, struggle to engage overwhelmed consumer groups

Content Distributors in search of properties with substantiated audiences to distribute across their platforms, have limited source of differentiated content with measurable traction and predictable demand

Sophisticated Investors looking for entertainment investment opportunities, lack credible deal flow from the independent creative community

Independent Creative & Start-up Community often marginalized as "pre-revenue" ventures,  unable to cover relatively low, proof-of-concept and initial operating expenses nor attract adequate production capital, without access to Hollywood ecosystem of finance and distribution resources.  

The business of entertainment & media - including gaming, films, television, publishing, live entertainment, social media, and advertising - is missing a well-defined industry structure for investors, decision-makers & entrepreneurs to focus on the independent creative community and explore strategies to connect the prolific output of independently created content to commerce. 

WHO and WHAT is driving contemporary culture.


Executive Summary

From the desk of Derrick D. Jones, CEO/Executive Producer 


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